How can I help?


Travelling for work, stuck in the house or too busy to travel long distances for music lessons. My virtual studio provides the ideal remedy. In the hectic age we live in (and our global situation) I can identify with hectic work schedules. I understand a lot of people are working from home and can't get to their music lessons - but still have a passion for learning music.

What solutions do you offer?

I have a solution that will fit around your schedule. I offer online piano lessons, online singing lessons and online music theory classes for all ages and abilities. Delivering lessons online allows you to continue learning your instrument from home, whilst fitting in lessons at a time which is convenient to you wherever you are in the world. No longer are you frantically driving across town to drop your kids off at their piano lesson, the lesson can now happen in the comfort of your own home with nothing more than an iPhone and internet connection.


What is your online studio like? 


As my online studio has grown, I have invested in professional music studio equipment in order to broadcast the best possible lesson experience to my students. The emotional benefits are huge. Set aside an hour each week for yourself. I promise that my lessons will inspire you to continue your musical journey. 

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons on Zoom work very nicely. Both of us have access to a piano, your location and mine so I am able to demonstrate things and aid your progress. Lessons can be flexible - I am happy to arrange lesson times on a week by week basis, or to stick with a fixed time. I am an experienced teacher, and have worked with all ages and abilities, preparing students for ABRSM examinations. 


Singing Lessons

Zoom is great for improving your singing technique and learning new repertoire. I often start singing sessions with 10-15 minutes of warming up to get the voice ready for the session. I am experienced at working with choirs and coaching individual singers from beginners to advanced voice students. See my tutorials here.

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